Budget Committee

In addition to Student Senate’s yearly budget, students and organizations may request funding from Budget Committee throughout the academic year. All meetings are on Sunday nights at 6pm in GSC 200.

Getting approved for Funding

Please follow the steps below to access funding through Budget Committee:

  1. Submit a request form: use the form linked below to submit a request at least 48 hours prior to the meeting (i.e. Friday at 6pm). If you submit it late or cannot attend the upcoming meeting, you can simply show up at a later meeting without having to submit another request (providing it is within the same semester). Requests can be submitted from an individual or on behalf of a Pitzer or 5C organization.

    • Please note that Budget Committee does not fund money for events anymore; that would be the Pitzer Events Board’s job!

  2. Attend a meeting: Budget Committee meetings are held every Sunday while school is in session in Room 200 of the Gold Student Center. Meetings start at 6pm, and requests are heard in order of submission. After all requests are heard, the committee moves into a closed session to discuss and vote upon all requests heard.

  3. Hear back: within 24 hours of the meeting, the Treasurer will email each student with the decision of Budget Committee. Please note that all decisions are final and will not be reconsidered.

  4. Access funding: Budget Committee only approves funding to be spent, but does not immediately give students funds. For instructions on how to access approved funding, please see here.

Budget Committee Members

The Budget Committee is composed of 10 members: the Vice President of Fiance, the Treasurer, the 4 class representatives, and 4 rotating senators. The permanent members of Budget Committee are listed below:

  • Jack Kessel, Vice President of Finance & Chair of Budget Committee

  • James Karsten, Treasurer

  • Senator Nimiye Ogoun, Senior Class Representative

  • Senator Matthew Brunstad, Junior Class Representative

  • Senator Becca Zimmerman, Sophomore Class Representative

  • Senator Keely Nguyen, First Year Class Representative