Special Representatives

Senior Class Rep: Nimiye Ogoun
Junior Class Rep: Mathew Brunstad
Sophomore Class Rep: Rebecca Zimmerman
First-Year Rep: Keely Nguyen
Environmental Rep: Kamya Sud

Student Affairs Committees

Campus Aesthetics Committee:
Dana Nothnagel
Spencer Pletcher

Campus Life Committee:
Connor Wells
Arman Ahmed
Omar Shah

Diversity Committee:
Donnie Denome

Student-Alumni Relations Committee:
Hugo Ward
Will O’Donnell

Academic Affairs Committees

Academic Planning Committee:
Brendan Schultz
Michael Lindberg
Maddy Gould

Academic Standards Committee:
Ryan Drover
Jonathan Asoulin

Lily Fillwalk

Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure Committee:
Krystle Yu

Curriculum Committee:
Nicole Aquino
Leah Kelly

Study Abroad and International Programs Committee:
Arianna Deng
Neely Yates

Faculty Executive Committee:
Claire Wengrod
Isaiah Kramer

Teaching and Learning Committee:
Hongfei Chen