Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the Student Senate consists of the Executive Board and the Cabinet, which collectively organize, coordinate, and oversee all actions and activities of the Pitzer College Student Senate. The Executive Board consists of the President of Student Senate, as well as four Vice Presidents.

Each member of the Executive Board is independently elected to their respective office, and each has a number of unique duties and responsibilities. All members of the Executive Board serve on a variety of different college and student committees, often in leadership capacities. They meet privately at least once a week in addition to all regularly scheduled Student Senate meetings, and they work closely with both the Legislature and the Cabinet to ensure all branches of government run smoothly and effectively.

The Cabinet, which supports the Executive Board, consists of a Treasurer, Internal Secretary, Secretary of Student Organization, Secretary of Diversity, and Secretary of Events.


The legislative branch of the Student Senate consists of a 39-member unicameral body, composed of a mixture of elected and appointed Senators. The majority of Senators represent the student body at large and are assigned to serve on a college committee. A small number of senators are elected to represent special constituencies.

The legislature convenes on a weekly basis during the academic year, or in special circumstances when the Executive Board calls an emergency meeting. They collectively vote on and approve all legislation, including resolutions, bills, and constitutional amendments.

Judicial Council

The Pitzer College Judicial Council is a policy enforcement body that is charged with reviewing violations to the Pitzer College Student Code of Conduct (see page 55 of the Student Handbook).