Starting a New Student Organization

Any student at Pitzer College can help found a new Student Organization. If you are interested in starting a club, identity group, or any other type of student organization—or if you want to re-found an organization that disbanded—follow the steps listed below. If you have any questions about any step or detail about the process, contact the Secretary of Student Organizations at

Step 1: Have an idea for a new student organization.

Review the duties and privileges of student organizations under the Student Organizations Guide so you know what will be expected of you. Also, double check the list of Student Organizations to make sure that there is no identical or highly similar student organization that already exists at Pitzer or the Claremont Colleges. 


Step 2: Find others who are interested.

Most regular clubs require eight interested students in order to form. Try to find students from beyond your own group of friends, and look across multiple class years for prospective members. This will help ensure that your organization can last for more than a couple of years.


Step 3: Write a charter.

A student organization’s charter is its guiding document, so you should put some time into writing one that reflects your organization’s needs. Note that you may have to rework the charter if the first version you submit does not meet the minimum requirements. For more information about how to write a charter, see the Charter Guide.


Step 4: Fill out the application.

Carefully fill out the online application for new student organizations. The information that you provide here will be reviewed by Student Senate to ensure that your organization meets all requirements. Make sure your charter is complete before you fill out this form, and save it as a PDF before attaching it. You must fill out the form before midnight on Thursday to have your organization considered at the following Student Senate meeting on Sunday.

→  New Student Organization Application Form  ←


Step 5: Review by Student Senate.

After you submit your application, the Secretary of Student Senate will send you an email letting you know that your proposal has been received and reminding you to attend the Student Senate meeting at which the proposal will be voted on. If you or another representative for your organization cannot attend the meeting, contact the Secretary as soon as possible so that alternate arrangements can be made.

Student Senate normally meets at 7:00 PM on Sundays in the Pitzer Conference Room (P101) in Skandera Hall. You will be asked to briefly present your organization to the Legislature before the vote. If a majority of the Legislature votes in favor of approving the organization, it will officially be recognized.

Further Steps

Provide Information to the Secretary.

If you have not already done so in your application, provide the Secretary with your up-to-date list of officers for your organization. Also provide your meeting time and location as soon as that is established, and provide a link to your website, Facebook page, or other online presence as soon as possible.


Request funding.

If your organization is interested in receiving funds from Student Senate, it can apply for funding from the Budget Committee, which normally meets at 6:00 PM on Sundays in the Student Activities Room (GSC 200). For more information, visit the Budget Committee page or contact Treasurer Lindsay Mooradian (


Petition the Identity Board

If you are interested in having your group recognized as an Identity Group, it must already be recognized by Student Senate as a general student organization, and must then be recognized by the Pitzer College Identity Board. Visit the Identity Board website for more information.

Note that to be recognized as an Identity Group, your organization must represent an identity which has been historically marginalized, and which continues to face marginalization, especially on the basis of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.