Student Organizations Guide

All student organizations at Pitzer College have a number of duties and privileges, which are explained on this page. Failure to meet certain requirements can result in an organization losing its funding or being disbanded, so make sure to familiarize yourself with everything below if you are a leader in a club or other organization.

Much of what is listed here is established by the Student Senate Constitution. If you have any further questions or if you need something clarified, reach out to Secretary Kamyab Mashian at

Important Deadlines

Rechartering: Towards the end of the academic year, every student organizations must renew its charter in order to be recognized the following year, and in order to take part in the budgetary hearing process (see below). The precise deadline, and the form to renew the charter, will be distributed in an email to organization leaders.

Important Meetings and Events

Every student organization must send at least one representative, preferably one of the leaders of the organization, to the following meetings:

Student Involvement Fair: once per semester; mandatory for all organizations. Every organization will have a table at the event, which should be staffed by 1 to 4 members. The Fair is a good opportunity to recruit new members and publicize what your group does.

During the fall semester, the Fair will take place within the first month of the academic year. During the spring semester, the Fair will take place during Student Voice Week, which is the third week of the semester. Exact dates will be released via email.

Student Organization Info Sessions: once per semester; mandatory for all organizations. These meetings serve to help familiarize organizations with forms, deadlines, meeting minutes submissions, and general expectations.

Exact dates will be released via email.

Budget Allocation Hearings: once per academic year. This meeting takes place near the end of the academic year. While not strictly mandatory, attending it is crucial for any student organization that wishes to maintain steady budget. It is possible for any group to simply request funding from the Budget Committee at any time during the year, but as much as two-thirds of all funding is allocated at the Budget Allocation Hearings for the following year. Only organizations that have renewed their charters (see above) are eligible to participate.

Exact dates and details will be released via email.

Funds and Supplies

Student organizations must spend their funds only things that further the purpose of the organization. They may not spend their funds to make purchases for any individual member or any activity that is beyond the scope of the organization’s purpose.

Organizations usually receive most of their budget at the Budget Allocation Hearings (see above). For information about requesting additional funding, see the Budget Committee page.

All reusable (non-consumable) supplies and materials that are purchased by an organization using student activities funds are the property of Student Senate. You will be able to store and manage these supplies, but they cannot be permanently given away to any one student, including members, without the approval of Senate.

Organizations process their expenses and receive reimbursements through the Treasurer of Student Senate. Forms to request reimbursements can be found on the Budget Committee page. You can also check out a credit card from Student Senate for certain types of purchases. However, credit cards must be returned within 16 hours of being checked out, otherwise your organization may not be allowed to check out a card for the remainder of the semester.


All student organizations must write a charter before they can be approved, and you should make sure your charter is up to date and meets all requirements from time to time. To learn more about charters, see the Charter Guide.

If you would like to amend your charter, you can do so by submitting an updated charter as part of your meeting minutes.

Online Presence

Every student organization must maintain some online presence to help students learn about and contact the group. This could be a website, Facebook page, Instagram, or anything similar that can be accessed by any student at Pitzer College. Group chats and email lists don’t qualify, since they can only be accessed by members.

Every organization will automatically have some of its information posted on the Student Organizations website, including a short description of what the organization is and does. If you would like to alter any of the information here, email the Secretary.

Meeting Minutes

Every student organization must record meeting minutes and distribute them after each meeting using this form. Any important decisions or discussion items should be recorded, as should all funding proposals and amendments to the charter.

If recording minutes for each meeting is impractical or pointless for your organization, you may apply for an exemption. Organizations that receive an exemption only need to submit minutes from meetings where they made important decisions or allocated funding. However, they must still record attendance to all meetings, and submit the attendance record for those meetings whenever they do submit their minutes. To apply for an exemption, contact the Secretary explaining why your organization does not need to record minutes for every meeting.

Other Duties

Every student organization must hold at least two meetings every month.*

Every student organizations must keep the Secretary informed about its meeting times, meeting locations, and officer list.

Every student organization must be open to all currently enrolled students of Pitzer College.

Every student organization must abide by all rules and regulations established by Student Senate and Pitzer College, as well as all local, state, and federal laws.


*A student organization may apply for an exemption from this duty. Contact the Secretary for more information.


You may use the name “Pitzer College” in your correspondence and advertising. However, you and all members of your organization are liable for your events and actions; Pitzer College is not.

You may use the buildings, grounds, equipment, and services of the College when available and officially scheduled.

You have access to support services, including duplicating, publicity and programming assistance, and a mailbox in the GSC if they desire.

All student organizations will be listed on Pitzer Colleges website. Contact the Secretary if you would like to have any details from your organization’s listing changed.


The purpose of the organization must be compatible with the policies, educational objectives, and core values of Pitzer College.

Student organizations may not practice any type of hazing or unlawful initiation rituals.

Student organizations may not use student activities funds for the purchase of any of the following:

  • Any illegal substances, as defined by all local, state, and federal laws

  • Weapons, firearms, and/or explosives (with an exception for kitchen tools, art supplies, and gardening equipment)

  • Single-use plastic water bottles

  • Any alcohol or tobacco products

  • Gift cards